Official Morning Practice Times!

ebjjlogo-page-001 copyThank you for everyone who has been coming to the morning sessions. Its been surreal to walk out of the academy between 8 and 830 am after a wonderful start with Jiu Jitsu practice. After the trial weeks of how it would work out, we figured out a good schedule for the early morning practices. Monday wil be No Gi at 7 am, Wednesday will be Gi at 7 am. Always stay updated in class and on social media because we will have random tuesday and thursday training sessions. The format for morning practices is as follows: 1. Come Prepared with your game, meaning know what you want to work on for top, bottom, takedowns, submissions and transitions . This will be a good opportunity to organize your game to optimize all your training sessions. 2. We will roll….lightly. We want to start the day, not finish it!! 1/4 to 1/2 the time will be dedicated to rolling lightly 3. Practice Starts at 7 and ends at 8, please be on time. 7 am Monday No Gi, 7 am Wednesday Gi

Thank you all again for your continued hard work and sacrifice to become better at our craft! Cheers

ATT TC- Esposito Jiu Jitsu & MMA

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