Fitness Center Pre Registration Begins…..Now!

Kickboxing and Fitness

Kickboxing and Fitness

In may 2015 we will have our Functional Fitness Center open! The facility will have Heavy Bags, Battle Ropes, Pull up bars, kettle bells, and much more. We are really excited to expand and have everything you would need to accomplish your goals. Everything you need to get faster, stronger, add muscle, lose fat, and feel better for competition will be at your fingertips. Save money by registering now! New Members will receive a special discount price, existing members can save too! Be sure to call us at 772 905 7382 for more information or any questions you may have. Here are the programs that will be added:

Adult Strength and Conditioning/Fitness

Adult Kickboxing

Teen Kickboxing

Before the Sun Fitness and Conditioning

Youth Sports pre season Fitness Camps

We look foward to helping everyone and becoming more healthy. The hardest part is signing up, dont wait any longer! Call us, email us, text us, facebook us! ” The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step” Lao Tzu

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2 thoughts on “Fitness Center Pre Registration Begins…..Now!

  1. Lisa

    Interested in trying your boxing and bjj, have gloves and broken in wraps. The 6:30 time is difficult to make. Any other evening classes?



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